Tired of watching your money vanish every month?

 The Saving More, Spending Less Workbook can help you!

With the SMSL Workbook, you'll:

  • Learn the best strategies to save more and spend less.
  • Get a Budget Planner so you know how much you make, how much you spend, and how much you can save!
  • Craft and ACTION plan to attack your expenses and lower them as you never did before.
  • Get special deals and recommendations that will help you save more.

Take a look at the table of contents of the workbook:

1. Creating your Budget;

2. Budget Planner;

3. Spending Less;

4. Complete Financial Makeover;

5. Complete Financial Makeover Action Plan;

6. Lowering One Expense at a Time;

7. Lowering One Expense at a Time Action Plan;

8. Reflecting and Planning;

9. Final Action Plan;

10. Saving More: Resources I recommend.

Ready to start saving money like never before?

couple happy and relaxed with their finances

It gets to the end of the month and there's nothing left...

It's hard to even think about making any changes to the way you manage your money, because the truth is, any change you propose, seems too small to even make a difference.

Every month is the same thing. Over and over again... You don't seem to understand how to spend less. There's no way it will happen.

Well, let me tell you that there is! We were forced to learn how to save more and spend less when I lost my job and we realized the pile of debt we were standing on.

In the Saving More, Spending Less Workbook I share all of the strategies we used to change our situation and finally gain control of our finances.

You WILL find financial freedom if you just take the time and follow step by step as it's laid out in the Workbook.

Not convinced yet? Here's what others are saying about the workbook:


This is amazing!!!! Not only does it contain factual info on lowering your expenses, spending less, creating a budget, etc you also include real advice and tips. I love the links you provide in the "resources I recommend" section too. I think that will be hugely helpful and they are at a discount! Also, your personal anecdotes make it very relatable too...when you mentioned how and why you canceled your TV service for Netflix or HULU. It makes me feel like I should really take a look at how much we really need the services we have and gives me the "I can do this too!" motivation...which is awesome! This is really well done.

Alison McKown - Graphic Designer, Party Stylist and Creator at Just Add Confetti

Trust me, I can truly help you!

I know exactly where you are in your financial life! It's so hard to live like that. Constantly looking at your bank account, hoping that some miraculous money will come in. And it's not because you're not making any money, but it's because you can't seem to understand how to manage what you make.

No one teaches us how to grow up and manage our money on our own. We don't learn it at school and most of our parents have talked about it at some point, but never really took the time to teach us the lessons we're now learning the hard way.

But you know what? If we managed to pay off over 60k in debt and are not living on the RED anymore, so can you. 

Isabel Freitas - Creator of the Saving More, Spending Less Workbook

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