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Daily Devotional for Wives and Moms

Daily Devotional for Wives and Moms

Sometimes, as moms and wives, we can feel a huge amount of pressure to succeed in our mission.

All we want is to see our family grow closer together and flourish in God's presence and, often times, we forget to water our own seeds and grow individually.

How can we pour into our family when we're running on empty ourselves?

This daily devotional will help you take your anxieties to the Lord, refresh yourself, and pour into your family (when you're actually full)!

Are you tired of yelling at your kids?

All we want is to do a good job as a mom. All we want is to make sure we're growing closer together with our kids and not growing apart. This guide will help you: 

  • Get the message across while still preserving your relationship with your child. 
  • Set an example of patience and kindness to your child. After all, one of the best ways to teach someone is leading by example. 
  • Flip the switch on your mind and finally make the decision to start changing what is not working. 
  • Add different tools to your personal toolbox, so you can use them when a tough situation arises.

Saving More, Spending Less Email Course

Saving More Spending Less 5-Day Email Course

Have been living paycheck to paycheck?

Can’t manage to save a dime when the month is over?

Never get to do the fun things in life?

Can’t give, can’t help anyone else, because you can’t even help yourself?

And it's not because you're not making any money, but it's because you can't seem to understand how to manage what you make. How to make the most out of it...

This 5-Day Email course will help you create a budget, save more here and there, and spend less everywhere!

Want delicious homemade food on the table? Get organized with our Meal Planning Kit!

This Meal Planning Kit might just be that one thing you needed to help you get organized and put some healthy, delicious meals on the table for your family!

  • Plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals on our Weekly Meal Plan Sheet;
  • Save your recipes by writing them down on our Recipe Page;
    Create a shopping list so you never forget what you need to buy;
  • Save money when buying groceries (and... get paid $10 when you redeem your first offer on this free app).

Wondering what to feed your baby? Get the Guide!

What to feed my Baby (Guide)

Here's what you'll find:

  • All the food groups you need to include in your baby's diet;
  • Food ideas for each food group;
  • Illustrations to make things fun and easy to understand.

Download + print your guide so you can hang it on your fridge and refer back to it every time you need! This will make it a lot easier to think through and create your baby's meal plan.

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