7-Day Devotional Challenge to an Amazing Family Life

Are you ready to start living an Amazing Family Life? This 7-Day Devotional Challenge will help you grow personally, so that you can assist your family in growing closer to each other and closer to the Lord.

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Grow closer to God and be strengthened by him. When you're well and running on a full tank, you have a lot more to give and to pour into your family!

Bring all of your anxieties to the Lord, so you can feel happy and experience his peace that surpasses all understanding.

Learn how you and your husband can be a team, so you can agree more and stress less.

Teach your kids with love and kindness, so they can grow to be loving and kind adults.

Teach the word to your kids since a young age so they can be firm on the rock.

Worship the Lord together as a family so everyone can grow closer to each other and to God.

Reflect, pray, and hear from the Lord, so you can be the best wife/mom to your family!

What others are saying about the devotional:

Kathryn Mosby

Wife, Mother, Graphic Designer & Event Coordinator

I wanted a quick devotional that I could do first thing each morning and carry through the day. I looked at a few other online devotionals and had a hard time finding quick and easy reads that I could relate to. 


I really loved how concise the 7-day devotional guide was. It gave me one clear focal point for each day and I found myself easily recalling the day’s thought or goal even at the end of long and busy days. I just so appreciated how you were able to give a meaningful message in such a clear and quick format but that had staying power and met we right where I was! 

Devotional Challenge for wives and moms

"Sometimes, as moms and wives, we can feel a huge amount of pressure to succeed in our mission. All we want is to see our family grow closer together and flourish in God's presence and, often times, we forget to water our own seeds and grow individually.

How can we pour into our family when we're running on empty ourselves?

This daily devotional will help you take your anxieties to the Lord, refresh yourself, and pour into your family (when you're actually full)!"

Isabel Freitas - Creator of the 7-Day Devotional Challenge

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