Powerful Devotional for Moms & Wives

31 Simple Devotions to Grow in Wisdom 

We all want to have some Bible time to learn more and grow as a mom and wife. But there are just not enough hours in a day...

Well, with this devotional, you'll grow in faith and family in just 5-minutes a day. This journey with God will change your family's life forever!

Do you want to grow in faith and family? Then, this devotional is for YOU!

pages of a daily devotional for women with space for journaling

This devotional has some of the best verses in the Bible about our roles as moms and wives and important life issues.

Here, we'll be able to learn how to be better moms, betters wives, but also, how to have tremendous grace for ourselves in this journey.

In this devotional you'll also have space for journaling so that you can meditate on what you learned and think about ways you can actually live out God's word in your life. This changes everything!

Here's what you'll have for each day:

  1. An encouraging, educational daily verse about being a mom, wife, or life issues.
  2. A devotional that will help you grow in wisdom and build a strong, faith-based environment in your home.
  3. A powerful prayer about the topic of the day.
  4. Space for journaling or taking notes.

Your family life & faith matter! This transformational devotional will help you grow in both. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

You'll love it!

If you want to grow in wisdom as a mom and wife, you're in the right place!

There's so much on our plates that it's hard to find time to be in the word and learn more so we can grow in every area of our lives. How do we even know if we're being who God called us to be if we don't even know what that looks like because we don't read the Bible?

I created this devotional to simplify our time looking for verses that talk about our roles as moms and wives. To make it easier for us to find Biblical advice so we can flourish.

May the Lord bless you in this beautiful journey, and may you have grace for yourself every day!

Isabel Freitas - Creator of the 7-Day Devotional Challenge to an Amazing Family Life, Parenting Without Yelling, Powerful Devotional for Moms & Wives, and the Saving More, Spending Less Workbook.

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